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Developer Examples App

Version 1.2

  • Cleaned up code to follow RealWear coding standards
  • Renames the package name to make it clear that the app is an example

Versions earlier than 1.2 are not available

Devil’s Canyon Sample App

Version 1.0

  • Created a new application that has a single screen with 3 images of craft beers.
  • Clicking a beer will show the details of the beer.

Alexa App


New Features

  • The app will now display a useful message with hints when the connection fails due to the system clock being incorrect
  • The app will recover from failed connections quicker after the issue that caused the error has been resolved


New Features

  • When a question has been asked a message that Alexa is thinking is now displayed
  • A web window has been added to assist with logging into the user’s Amazon account
  • Questions are now answered 3-4 seconds quicker
  • Permission to use the microphone is now requested when starting the app
  • The app can now play audio files supplied by Alexa
  • The app will now recover from disconnects better
  • Added a toast message for when Alexa cannot answer a question


  • The Alexa logo has been updated to have smoother edges


New Features

  • WearML helpers have been removed from the main screen


  • Stopped navigating back to the login screen from the main app screen. When navigating back the application will now minimize


New Features

  • An sound is now played when Alexa fails to answer a question
  • When the app doesn’t have the correct permissions for recording audio, the app no longer attempts to record while prompting for permission


  • Fixed an issue where the audio was recorded at double speed making it difficult for Alexa to understand
  • Fixed an issue where logging in will fail on the first attempt


New features

  • New Alexa app created that allows the user to ask Alexa questions and have the response read back to them

Unity Plugin

Below are the release notes for each version of the Unity plugin.


  • Added the ability to play TTS speech.
  • Fixed an issue where registered speech commands were lost after returning from the keyboard.
  • Fixed an issue where registered speech commands were lost after rotating the device.
  • Fixed an issue where registered speech commands were lost after waking the device from sleep.
  • Fixed an issue where registered speech commands were lost when using recent applications.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur for apps with multiple scenes.


  • Created a new plugin which is used to assist with interacting with WearHF from a Unity project.
  • Initial functionality includes adding and removing voice commands, enabling and disabling global voice commands and enabling and disabling the action button.
  • Demo app has been included to show how to use the plugin.

HMTL Plugin


  • Dom Mutation – Events fire when dom elements are removed – forced refresh
  • SVG Elements now supported
  • DOM elements can now be tagged when a click event is present


  • Javascript only runs on android based devices with a screen size of 480×854
  • Reload of grammer after button click


  • public method for updating commands.
  • public callback event for receiving commands.


  • WearML Overlay styling support using CSS.