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Devil’s Canyon Sample App


Devil’s Canyon is a simple application that is used to show how WearML can be used to optimize an Android App for the HMT device.

The application consists of a single screen containing 3 logos showing some delicious beers. Selecting each logo will show a short description about each beer.

While the application is automatically voice enabled by the HMT, WearML can be used to provide many improvements to the user experience without any code changes.


The Devil’s Canyon application can be downloaded as a compiled APK ready to be installed.

Download Zip

Contents of zip

  • DevilsCanyon.apk – The Devil’s Canyon application without any modifications

The tutorial shows how to use WearML Scripting to enhance the Devil’s Canyon app to be optimized for the HMT.


The release notes are available to show all the changes for each version of the Devil’s Canyon app.

Release Notes