Device Setup

Delete an Application from the RealWear Device

This article details how to delete an application from a RealWear device.

Once an application is added to a RealWear device, it will need to be uninstalled or deleted directly from the device using the directions below. 

  1. Say: “NAVIGATE HOME”, see the Home Dashboard view.
  2. Say: “MY PROGRAMS”, see My Programs view.
  3. Say: “SETTINGS”, see Settings view.
  4. Say: “Apps and Notifications”, see Apps Settings view.
  5. Navigate to the application you want to remove. You may need to scroll through your list of all apps.
  6. When you select the application – uninstall it by saying "UNINSTALL."

To ensure the application does not install again, be sure to remove or uninstall it from the application list in RealWear Cloud or the EMM/MDM managing the device.