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Configure – Camera File Location

Config File:


Format and Options

You may change the default storage location for images and videos taken with the HMT Camera by specifying the desired location as shown in the example below. Photos and movies may be given different locations, or you can choose to only modify the location of one type and omit the other type to leave it at the system default location. If the folder defined in the configuration file does not exist, it will be created by the system in the location indicated when the first media file destined for it is taken (photo or video).

imagefolder: sets the folder for images

videofolder: sets the folder for the videos

You may define an absolute or relative path in the configuration file. Relative paths are assumed to be subdirectories of the system default location and are determined by Environmnet.getExternalStorageDirectory():

Camera default – DCIM/Camera

Video default – Movies

Example json file:

"imagefolder": "DCIM/Camera",
"videofolder": "Movies/Camera"

Note: the above example mirrors the existing default location for these files and using it unmodified will produce no detectable change if deployed to your HMT.

Starting in Release 12.0

Due to new limitations set by Android 10, Videos can only be saved in primary directories DCIM and Movies, and Pictures can only be saved in primary directories DCIM and Pictures. Beyond the primary directories, sub-directories can be named and chosen as the user likes.


  • Save photo in Pictures/Camera – OK
  • Save photo in Movies/Camera – NO
  • Save video in Pictures/Camera – NO
  • Save video in DCIM/MyVacationVideos – OK