Technical FAQ

This article answers more technical questions about RealWear Cloud.

I have lost the ability to export data on a CSV file from my workspace. How do I fix this?

Data export is only available on a RealWear Cloud Pro account. You can upgrade to a RealWear Cloud Pro account at www.realwear.com/cloud.

Why am I having trouble viewing usage data on the RealWear Cloud dashboard?

Only devices that are on the latest firmware version will be visible on the dashboard. Upgrade all of your devices to the latest firmware version and device metrics will appear on the dashboard.

Why is Cloud Assistance not available on my RealWear Cloud Pro Workspace?

RealWear Cloud Assistance is an “opt in” service and must be enabled by RealWear Support. To activate Cloud Assistance, email support@realwear.com and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

What’s the difference between RealWear Cloud and the current EMM/MDM that I currently have?

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) tools combine the capabilities of traditional Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM), Mobile Identity Management (MIM), and Mobile Content Management (MCM) technologies. EMM/MDM tools seek to manage and configure all mobile devices (computers, tablets, phones, wearables) and secure corporate data and network access on devices that are used for work.

RealWear Cloud complements existing EMM/MDM solutions and enables deeper RealWear device-specific control and configuration capabilities.

RealWear Cloud provides features that are geared towards better frontline fleet management and productivity rather than access control. Also, it is the only way to gain trusted and secure access to certified third-party apps designed for our product portfolio.

Features of RealWear Cloud beyond EMM/MDM tools include:

    • Fine-grained firmware version visibility and management.
    • Live, remote technical support for RealWear devices.

I am not connected to the internet. Does RealWear Cloud run on premise?

RealWear Cloud does not currently run on premise.

Can I update to any firmware version?

Yes. RealWear Cloud handles the updates centrally and makes recommendations on preferred update paths.

Note:   There is one known firmware patch (10.5-11.0) that requires manual intervention on the device to reconnect to the network. 

Will RealWear Cloud Assistance work on RealWear Navigator™ 500, HMT-1®, and HMT-1Z1® devices?

RealWear Cloud Assistance can connect to all RealWear devices.

Which firmware version do I need to be on for RealWear Cloud Assistance to work?

RealWear recommends that you update to the latest firmware to run Cloud Assistance.

Can more than 10 devices be added to a RealWear Cloud Basic Workspace?

Yes, more than 10 devices can be added to a Basic Workspace.