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Cloud Sync (OneDrive) Configuration

You can customize how the Cloud Sync Configuration works by sending a json configuration script to the device. By default, Cloud Sync will only watch the default Photos and Videos folders in My Files

Q: What’s configurable?

A The supplied configuration file will specify:

  • Folders to watch
  • Destination folders in OneDrive
  • Delay interval for upload

Sample configuration file:

"local" :
"friendlyName" : "photos",
"path" : "/sdcard/DCIM/Camera/",
"includeSubdirectories" : true,
"extensions" : [ ".jpg", ".mp4" ],
"destinationDocumentId" : "SPECIAL/photos/hello/world",
"delay" : 10

Configuration files should be placed at the following file path: sdcard/realwear/com.realwear.cloudsync/config.json