General FAQ

This article answers general questions about RealWear Cloud.

What is RealWear Cloud?

RealWear Cloud is a cloud-based software platform designed to empower administrators to enhance and streamline control of their RealWear device fleet.

Who is it available to?

RealWear Cloud is available for all RealWear devices added to a Workspace, including the RealWear HMT-1®, HMT-1Z1®, and Navigator® 500 series.

Device users will need to update to the latest firmware to experience the full benefit of RealWear Cloud.

I’m an administrator. How does RealWear Cloud help me?

Administrators will see several key upgrades with RealWear Cloud Pro Workspaces, such as streamlining deployments, supporting frontline workers, protecting data, and understanding usage trends to help unlock further ROI.

How can I sign up for RealWear Cloud?

To sign up for RealWear Cloud, go to www.realwear.com/cloud and complete the registration form.

I already have an existing Foresight Workspace. What happens when RealWear Cloud launches?

Your existing Foresight Workspace will transition into a RealWear Cloud Basic Workspace, which is similar to Foresight and easy to navigate.

Going forward, we will continue to review and update features and functionality of RealWear Cloud.

Will RealWear Cloud be able to manage all my devices?

Yes. All RealWear devices can be managed with RealWear Cloud. App metrics will only be available once you upgrade to the latest firmware version.

What is a Workspace?

A Workspace is a component of RealWear Cloud. It allows you to manage groups of devices at an administrative level so you can see devices, get data, manage firmware updates, and more. It is the foundational element of RealWear Cloud.