Wearing Your Device

Attach Accessories

The following accessories can be used with RealWear Navigator, followed by attachment instructions, as required:

  • Workband
  • Hardhat with clips
  • Protective eyewear
  • Baseball cap
  • Tri strap

Attach the Workband

To attach and position the Workband, do the following:

  1. Place the Workband on your head and adjust the Velcro strap to a comfortable fit.
  2. Push the Workband clips into the slots on each side of RealWear Navigator.

  3. After the Workband is attached to RealWear Navigator, position it on your head.
  4. Roughly level the device with the ground.
  5. Position the Workband horizontally across your forehead.

Note: For an optimal experience, it is recommended that the display is close to the center line of your face, in front of and close to your eye.


Attach the Hardhat with Clips

Note: To purchase hardhat clips for RealWear Navigator, go to shop.realwear.com.

To attach RealWear Navigator to a hardhat with clips, do the following:

  1. Hook the hardhat clips into RealWear Navigator band and snap them into place.

  2. Slide the clips into the hardhat accessory slots.

    Note: Make sure RealWear Navigator band sits outside of the hardhat harness.

  3. Put on the hardhat and tighten until secured and comfortable, as required.
  4. To remove RealWear Navigator from the hardhat, pinch the clip fingers and push the clip out of the hardhat accessory slots.

Using with Eye Protection

RealWear Navigator is designed to work well with or without eyeglasses or eye protection. Continue to wear eyeglasses or eye protection when using RealWear Navigator, as required.

Note: RealWear recommends wearing eye protection when using RealWear Navigator.