RealWear Companion

App Menu

Tap Menu icon on the RealWear Companion app home page to open the app menu.

The app menu has the following selections:

  • Return to Home
  • New Device Setup
  • QR Keyboard
  • App Login Codes
  • Get Accessories
  • Support

Note: Tap X to close the app menu and return to the home page.

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Return to Home

Tap Return to Home to go back to the RealWear Companion app home page.

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New Device Setup

Tap New Device Setup to open the Set Up Your Device page.

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QR Keyboard

Tap QR Keyboard to open the QR Keyboard page. The QR keyboard allows users to enter text to create a custom QR code.

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Using the QR Keyboard

To use the QR keyboard, do the following:

  1. Tap the Text Input field. The mobile device keyboard opens.

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  2.  Enter the desired text, and then tap return on the mobile device keyboard.

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  3. The QR code is generated and scannable.

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App Login Codes

Tap App Login Codes to open the App Login Codes page.

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Tap Cisco: Expert On Demand to open the Generate Login QR Codes page.

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Expert On Demand

Tap Expert On Demand to open the Expert on Demand website.

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Expert On Demand - FedRAMP

Tap Expert On Demand - FedRAMP to open the FedRAMP Expert on Demand website.

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Get Accessories

Tap Get Accessories to open the RealWear accessories website.

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Tap Support to open the RealWear support website.

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