Features and Specifications

Android Enterprise Standards

Operating System

Android 11 AOSP (Android Open-Source Project).


Optimized UI

  • Head movements and voice commands utilized for intuitive hands-free control.
  • Easy access to core Android capabilities, such as Notifications and device settings.
  • Display automatically orients for left or right eye dominance.


  • Fully hands-free keyboard with gestures and voice.
  • Standard keyboard.
  • Secure Entry mode enables hands-free password entry without compromising security.
  • Full dictation for improved productivity.
  • ABC Mode keyboard entry.

My Controls

Commonly used controls accessible from any activity.

My Files

  • Browse and sort files using clear, simple navigation.
  • Read full filenames.
  • Large thumbnails.
  • Delete files.

Document Viewer

  • Access PDF files easily with full zoom, pagination controls.
  • Create and use your own bookmarks for quick reference.

Media Player

Native playback support for audio and video files built into My Files.

Security Screen Lock

Option to secure your device with a custom PIN or fingerprint scan, required at device wake and power ON.

Customize and Configure

Centralized WearHF Configuration

OS level and App level customization and configuration. Default values and preferences can be stored in a common configuration space and updated, refreshed, or managed for easier deployment and support.

Cloud Services

Fully manageable by RealWear Foresight Cloud or select EMM providers.


  • Software support and voice recognition for 17 languages.
  • Dynamic and individual language strings can be adjusted or improved by administrators or by Over the Air (OTA) updates.

Advanced Camera System

Hands-Free for Industry

Command and control all features while keeping your hands free for work.

Barcode Reader

Built-in code reading software to handle most barcode formats.


Instant preview of photos and videos.

Smooth Transitions

Seamless experience from “MY CAMERA” to “MY PHOTOS” and “MY MEDIA”.

Low Light Performance

Proven performance in low light settings and situations.

Field of View

Wide angle range or standard range:

  • Wide: Full width of camera view is captured.
  • Standard: Improves visibility of camera view when used with a baseball cap. Enhanced zoom to provide even more magnification for small or far away subjects.

Focus and Exposure

Switch between Autofocus or Manual Focus at any time. Lock focus and exposure to one of nine points in the frame for better photos in non-ideal lighting conditions.

Image and Video Stabilization

Automatic image and video stabilization allows more accurate remote mentoring, compliance, and inspections. This feature is enabled by default but can be disabled by the end user.


Flashlight functionality can be controlled directly from the My Camera app or My Controls. Flash settings for photos are ON/OFF/AUTO.

Camera Controls

  • Exposure level
  • Flashlight controller
  • Aspect ratio 16:9 and 4:3
  • High and low image resolution
  • High and low video resolution
  • Frame rates of 15, 25, and 30
  • Video Stabilization ON or OFF
  • Picture preview
  • Manual focus
  • Narrow and wide field of view
  • Direct access to photos and video