Interacting with Your Device

Action and Volume Buttons

RealWear Navigator has an Action Button and two volume buttons.

Action Button controls, found in the My Controls menu, allows a RealWear Navigator user to change the result of a single press of the Action Button. The Action Button control is present in My Controls and set to Home Screen mode. Saying "ACTION BUTTON" while in My Controls will activate a selection for the RealWear Navigator user. "HOMESCREEN" and "NOISE CAPTURE" are the two options and the text below the ACTION BUTTON command shows the current setting. In the example above, the current state is HOMESCREEN and the command "NOISE CAPTURE" may be selected.

When set to Noise Capture mode pressing the Action Button will alternatively disable or enable the noise cancellation ability of the RealWear Navigator, allowing external noise to be captured in video/audio transmission and recordings. A single press of the Action Button enters Noise Capture mode (and disables noise cancellation); this displays a warning on the screen while active and voice commands will not be recognized. Another single press of the button reinstates noise cancellation and restores voice command ability. Voice commands are disabled because non-noise captured sound will usually launch unwanted commands.

Use the Volume Buttons to adjust the volume on RealWear Navigator.