Foresight Overview


Foresight Configuration

Foresight allows an administrator to configure RealWear System Apps. See the following table for information on what configuration options an administrator can choose for RealWear System Apps on the HMT-1, HMT-1Z1, or Navigator 500™.

Foresight Configuration Options
HMT System App Configurability

Set where to save photos on the HMT or Navigator 500™.

Set where to save videos on the HMT or Navigator 500™.

Set custom tags that can be used to annotate images.

Cloud Sync Sync files and folders stored in OneDrive cloud storage to a folder on the HMT or Navigator 500™.
Home Screen

Choose what apps are displayed on the home screen.

Set a background wallpaper for both light and dark themes.

Choose what apps are displayed under My Programs.

Language Selector Choose which languages are available.
My Controls Choose which options available in My Controls are displayed or hidden.
Web Apps Set custom bookmarks (URLs).

Device Configuration

Device configurations such as home screen, language, and PIN policy can be configured for individual devices or at the device group level.

Go to Knowledge Center at for HMT custom configuration documentation.